Monday, September 13, 2010

Shh... the Secret Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet
I guess some people actually keep medicine in there
I don't

I don't know what other people keep in their cabinets
Because I was taught for a young age to never, ever
look into someone's medicine cabinet
It's rude
The medicine cabinet is private
It's like digging through someone's closet
But worse, because it's located in the bathroom
The most private room in the house
In fact my dad designed our old house
Without bathroom windows
In any of our 4 bathrooms
Because the bathroom is THAT private

But, I admit...
Well... I mean what are you going to do
When you've ran out of toilet paper
Or shampoo
Or a feminine product
While visiting.

You look around the bathroom
And then pray for forgiveness

So... this is what I have.
St. Ives
Mary Kay
Estée Lauder
Physicans Formula
Oral B
The Body Shop

All my most hidden secrets!
As you can see, I have absolutely no brand loyalty towards makeup products.
I try to keep things that are easy on my skin, but it looks that I haven't pursued that mission to the fullest. The only thing that keeps me frantically grooming is my acne. It will never go away... to think it is a teenage thing is ridiculous. My mother still gets acne. I started prescriptions in the 7th grade. I tried Retin-a, doxicycline, something else, something else. I don't take any right now, my last prescription made me throw up. I was afraid I'd throw up everyday for the sake of good skin. I don't want to make the Accutane commitment, it's a big commitment, my sister used it. So I use lots of foundation.

I started using Mary Kay foundation after I was confronted about my skin by my two grandmothers. One said "What's wrong with your skin! You need to see a doctor! Have you been taking your medication!" The other said, "Well, I see you have a few blemishes. I get those too, here come to my room and I'll give you some makeup to use." Well Mary Neil gave me Mary Kay and it covers well, without looking too thick, so I use it. I know Mary Kay takes pride in their customer service, but I never think about getting makeup until I'm out of it, so for me I would love it if it was sold at the nearest gas station, because I think calling a sales rep. is too much of a hassle. I'm sure though that I am not their typical customer and the fact is I only buy the foundation, so I'm sure their sales tactics have been working well with most of their clients.

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  1. Wait, when you get my age, your medicine cabinet will be quite different.